Networking Infrastructure Hardware & Software

All of your networking infrastructure needs under one roof: Cisco,  HP, Dell, EMC, NetApp, VMware, Microsoft, Citrix, Veeam and Mimecast to name a few. Throw in expert advice and superior implementation experience and you have it all. Products that is not covered in our portfolio, we partner with other ICT certified professional organizations to fulfill your needs.

IT Solutions Managed Services

Our value to you is that all key IT systems will be the responsibility of one service provider.

With a company of professional technical and business backgrounds, we believe in making IT a reliable, understandable and powerful part of your business.

Through this partnership, we ensure we position your IT systems to enable your strategic goals.

We focus on providing solid, reliable systems through:

  • Automation (Network Assessments and Monitoring

    • We use systems to monitor your IT infrastructure.
  • Standardisation
    • We enforce best practice standards that we have developed since 1995.
  • Pro-active Monitoring

    • Trend prediction and over utilization prior to service disruption (Network and Application level)
    • We maintain and service your IT infrastructure so as to minimise risk and downtime.
  • Network and Application Performance Monitoring
    • With the best of Breed network and application performance monitoring tools, we ensure that you network is performing optimally at all times. State of the art reports and proactive reporting on potential network disruptions gautentee your services are performing optimally.
  • Multitenant Monitoring and Assessments
    • With Service Provider environments, client privacy and protection is essential.
    • Individual Client montoring and assessments are carried out without interfering or invading other client networks via intelligent multitenant technologies.
  • Network WAN Optimization
    • With Bandwidth constraints within our region, WAN Optimization solution help reduce bandwidth contraints.


 We build a vision of your IT infrastructure in 3 years’ time so that all changes made in the short term are aligned with the long term goals.

 We use our systems and standards to warn you of required upgrades in advance.